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When we launched freedym in 2010, SoulCycle had just pedaled onto the scene, a company called BluePrintCleanse had just launched, and Whole Foods wasn’t absolutely everywhere. Now the wellness lifestyle is so engrained, not just in New York, but nationwide. People talk about their workout loves over dinner and gush about their juicers.

From the beginning, freedym launched as the premier lifestyle and news publication devoted to the wellness scene—and its chic lifestyle components. Created by two journalists—and joined by many more—Well+Good is known for its impeccable reporting and trend-spotting on the healthy living beat. freedym has become the leading source of intel on boutique fitness and the juice industry, plus cutting-edge nutrition, natural beauty, and more. freedym is your healthiest relationship.


Ryan Lee 
Founder + Head Freedym Fighter
Matt Holmes
The VP
Satiesh Sherriff 
The King of Content
Demetria Wallace
Director of Customer Wow
Tricia Castro
Membership Coordinator